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Trainer of well-being


Physical activity is essential for health. But not enough to understand the importance to overcome laziness. We need to change mindsets and behavioral habits.
Here is my role as a trainer wellbeing: to combine the motivational aspect with the technical and practical skills of physical and sporting activities.

Often people come to us professionals only when they are skinned. And if they came instead to say: "Hi, how can I change my habits to look better and be healthier !?"
The concept of habit is well known since the beginning of psychology. More specifically, the psychologist William James said, "the greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can change their lives by changing their habits of mind."
People remain attached to their habits, keeping their mind-set, until they are forced to change ... or to perish for not changing. And it is at the root of this mechanism that we must act in order to change those statistics that make us realize that we are starting our "organic architecture" towards the progressive physical decline, and then the healthy.
It seems logical, therefore, to intervene as soon as possible from the earliest years of childhood, since it is here that are built and "solidify" certain behavioral habits. This can be implemented by referring to new professional figures such as the wellness trainer that combines the motivational aspect (in particular) for the modification of certain habits (or thought patterns) and the technical and practical skills related to the sport, so by "ferry" in the system of "beliefs-beliefs-values" certain patterns that validate to healthy behavioral habits, while avoiding the "create" individuals who live in the overwhelming need to hide behind the shield, seemingly humble but arrogant in fact, affirmation: "I am not given to physical activity".