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The Life Coach
In addition to dealing with the physical and aesthetic, the life coach assists the person in the development of life, its evolution, its dreams, its motivations. It helps to gain a fuller awareness of their direction, so that it is applied daily to each project.

The life coach here who will train the soul, and will ensure the well-being. Who helps you reach the harmony of body and mind, to identify goals and discover how to reach them. Who is able to formulate the right questions to understand where you are and where you want to.

The personal life coach is a relationship that stems from an agreement between a life coach and a client who wants to move forward in a positive way to improve some aspects of his personal life. To understand it may be useful for you, it is important to reflect, first, what you get. When a person has an idea about the desired results it is easier to build together a strategy to reach them quickly. The life coach and client meet, was born privileged and exclusive agreement based primarily on voluntariness and mutual trust. During the conversation, the life coach listens and asks questions to understand the difficulties of their client and internal encounter any more obstacles than external ones. The project is to gain awareness of their abilities. In fact it is a process of discovery and learning through that approach called magnetic energy. The trust, confidentiality and respect, as guaranteed by the coaching relationship, meant to address all these issues with confidence. While taking care of personal matters, life coach, unlike therapy, is not concerned to resolve outstanding issues with the past and does not attempt to deal with psychological problems. It acts on this to improve the future, focusing on the person.
The goal is to make a change and take action to achieve results, knowing that somehow this is possible. Before starting the program you need to speak in person. The professionalism and perceived through conversation can already help you understand if you feel at ease. It very important that you can build a relationship of trust. It's always the customer who decides and chooses what to focus on the conversation. Even when the goal is not clear, it is the client who describes his own doubts and what is really important. The life coach can address all areas of private life but keep in mind that you can not intervene on the other, one can only analyze themselves and their behaviors so that they can be reflected in interpersonal relationships. You can not change others. The life coach accompanied with complete independence. The relationship between life coach and client is of mutual responsibility and trust. The customer decides how to act in response to new emerging and therefore the personal responsibility means that both architects of their own change. In this way, the life coach will never be perceived as a lifeline to lean on, but as a fellow traveler.

The life coach can help you get the following results:
- To increase your awareness
- Buy more light on a problem area
- Achieving greater clarity on the future and your goals
- Improve your learning ability
- Understand what it is that really motivates you
- Improve the management of your time
- Understand what is more important to you and keep your priorities
- Recognize and use to express your emotions
- Recognize and use your skills
- Listen to your deepest needs
- Improve your listening skills
- Develop your strengths
- Achieve greater emotional balance between private life and work
- Obtain a more practical and result oriented
- Discover and consolidate your individual potential

A coaching is a partnership between a coach and a client. The relationship established between coach and client is absolutely equal and non-addictive, is based on mutual respect and full respect of privacy.

To finish what you should expect from a life coach? Respect, trust, willingness, discretion. The life coach provides a rather external expectations that supports the client and his choices.

Thanks for the attention.