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First, the nutritionist doctor and geneticist my partner, dr. Giovanni Borghini (expert in genetic stress, sports and nutrition), according to your health, your needs and your goals, you will provide the food and additional integration program, written in a diary and training schedules. And 'advisable that this program has a duration of one year, but may also relate to a shorter period. In any case, every two months we will evaluate its progress. I, Angela, will follow by play in practice the full program set up and personalized for you. What I propose is a wellness program to improve your full mental and physical shape.

I will be your motivator, the person who helps you to overcome your difficulties and to strengthen the relationship with your body and your mind. The work in the spa (gym) and the technical program are both executed in my presence.

If cooperate with respect and discipline, you will realize what I call "exchange of positive energy", you manage to achieve a state of wellness, but I, through you, I will reach my realization of work.

Finally, I would like to tell you about the taste of food, one of the greatest pleasures of life, for everyone and for me too. When you have achieved a reasonable result with your body, you can keep the line even letting go, sometimes, to the pleasure of enjoying a good food. Everything will depend on your willpower. The program that we carry out together provides that, once a week, you can eat whatever you want, limited to one meal, lunch or dinner. It will be important to do so once a week and I'll explain why: if during the week be able to follow your proper diet making only one meal at will, your body does not assimilate the heavy food and fat. You'll see, will not be difficult, and when you reach the ideal body type, you can eat with pleasure everything you want even twice a week, instead of one.

Thanks for the attention.