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Welcome. Let me introduce myself: I'm Angela, I built my life coming to the physical well-being and inner balance especially through discipline, respect and fairness to my body and my mind and through the respect of others. With this program I would like to help you achieve the physical and aesthetic wellbeing, harmony of body and mind.

My role covers five aspects.

The first is prevention, it is to motivate you to take care of their health and undergo first a check-up on your medical condition and the analysis of their DNA, is to put into practice the advice or the custom program indicated by the physician and athletic trainer, in particular as it regards the feeding, food supplements and physical activity.

The second concerns the achievement of the objectives to be pursued, such as weight loss or building muscle mass or stop smoking or drinking alcohol.

The third is the maintenance and consolidation of the objectives, so that the new habits become new lifestyles.

The fourth concerns inevitably the development of life, improvement of the physical and mental state, the balance and harmony of body and mind.

The fifth, finally, is to lead us to fall in love with all that you do for good health, so that it is not seen as a sacrifice but as a "love yourself" and as a pleasant aspect of their lives.

My work is primarily teaching you how to train and how to follow your nutrition program to get the best result for your body.
To improve and maintain fitness, we must adapt to modern food needs by integrating, if necessary, the diet with proper supplementary feeding, attentive to the needs of our body.
Dietary supplementation with a calibrated exogenous amino acids, proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, trace elements and vitamins is the rational response to these needs. It is necessary to reach the optimal physical form and to maintain it.
Whether your purpose is to improve your mental and physical shape, whether you want to lose weight, the way to achieve your specific purpose is training. This term refers to that set of techniques that allow an individual to the maximum realization of its genetic potential, by learning proper gestures and rational repetition of targeted exercises to change the individual organic balance to restore it to a level higher.
With my help and your patience, we can deepen and learn about the importance of training.
The proposed activities must first think about the table, each exercise should have a definite purpose. These activities are then organized and planned in time. This is known as planning, when we formulate a strategy for a purpose, which then often is to improve and increase their performance.