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Costs for subscriptions and lessons

1 Lesson Lifestyle Personal Training € 66
6 Lessons Lifestyle Personal Training € 330
13 Lessons Lifestyle Personal Training € 660

In the gym I will follow you personally to develop the most of your training techniques and achieve your goals first.

Test nutrigenetics and stress gene.
Analysis of DNA (for more information see the attached form on functional genetics).
This test and these analyzes, carried out by the nutritionist doctor and geneticist Dr. Giovanni Borghini, are needed to properly prepare the individual program with power plans and supplementary feeding and the training schedules.

Periodically, about every two months, we will verify together with the results achieved. You will realize how important it is to follow the proper power to your way of life and in what way the supplements you can support.
I, Angela, life coach and Personal Trainer Lifestyle, I will follow you in person, explaining the techniques and making you play in practice the custom program for you. I will help in slimming and consolidation of new habits and results, motivating you to achieve your goal of wellness and line. I will be at your disposal, even daily if necessary, to support you and help you to overcome all difficulties and doubts you have, including with regard to nutrition and dietary supplementation, supporting you whenever you need to feel a familiar "voice" to keep the focus on results and not on failure.