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Angela Princess

Personal Information

Citizenry: Hungarian and italian

Tel: +39 338 63 90 518



Education and Training

Since the age of 8 has been selected among the students of primary and secondary Hungarian schools to carry out athletics and gymnastics courses, winning numerous awards.

Gardonyi Geza Eger high school (Hungary), high school bilingual diploma (english hungarian).

University of Physical Education, Faculty of Sports Coach, Body Building and Fitness of Budapest.

Personl Trainer Diploma in the field of body building and fitness at the CSEN, sports promotion agency recognized by CONI.


1. Hungarian: native speakers

2. Italian: very good

3. English: good

Personal skills, competences and relational

Strong communication skills and relational. Excellent organizational skills, combined with flexibility, efficiency and confidentiality. Great energy in the management of her own business, both in the professional services rendered in the context of team.

Work Experience

From 1999 to 2003: Personal trainer in Hungary, at the gymnasium called Gym Kraftwerk in Budapest, following the clients with personal training programs.

From 2003 to 2004: Lifestyle personal trainer in Montecarlo, at the gymnasium called Golg Gym di Venice, following the clients with customized programs regarding dietary advice, integration, and training, supporting life coaching.

From 2004 to date: Lifestyle personal trainer in Italy, in Milan (until 2009), then in Rome, following privately customers with customized programs in close collaboration with Dr. Claudio Lombardo, who is an expert of neuro linguistic programs in the field of fitness and body building.

Deals with the physical, mental and aesthetic harmony of the body and the mind, assisting clients in improving the quality of their life and motivating them in the pursuit of their goals and desires.

Acts as a "trainer of well-being," meaning by this definition, a comprehensive training, individual and specifies that encompasses three main aspects: motivation, correction of wrong habits and planning of "ecological" objectives, that is adapted to the potential of the individual.